IVM and the Enviroment

IVM Group has always organized and managed its activities in the utmost respect for the environment and human health, being committed to a constant reduction of the environmental impact of all its processes, products and services.

Its Parona manufacturing plant, in Italy, was designed and built to ensure production standards among the best in the world in the full respect of a sustainable development.

Production takes place without any atmospheric pollution: all processes, from the arrival of raw materials on, are handled in a closed circuit system; in the final can filling stage all the vapors deriving from the products being poured into the packaging vessels are captured and “cleaned out” by an advanced cryogenic system, then released outdoors entirely devoid of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

The extreme automation of the production systems makes it possible to minimize the physical interactions of the operators with the industrial devices and machines, hence reducing significantly the possibility of accidents and injury.

Life BioPaint Project represents a further target in its contribution to a sustainable future.