Operational Plan


The activities described were carried out by the dates indicated (*)

November 2018 – Design of the pilot plant for the production of UV-cured coating products

December 2018 – Identification of the biorenewable raw materials from agricultural waste /not foodstuff biomass to be employed

April 2019 – Synthesis of the resins to use in the UV-cured coating products

May 2019 – Publication of open tender for pilot plant construction

June 2019 – Definition, along with Green Delta, of the specific methodology for the evaluation of Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment for the project

June 2019 – Selection of supplier for plant construction

August 2019 – Formulation of UV-cured coating products using the new bio-renewable resins

September 2019 – Plant construction begins.

June 2020 – Plant assembly at Parona site begins

September 2020 – Plant validation and startup

October 2020 – Plant opening event

October 2020 – Presentation of results to interested stakeholders including Researchers, Academics, Policy Makers and Technicians

October 2020 – Beginning of prototype paint production

November 2020 – Industrial validation tests

January 2021 – Evaluation of Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment of new production and processes.

(*)   2020 deadlines have changed from initial plans due to the COVID crisis